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A jellyfish is the oldest multi-organ animal on the planet – it has existed for over 500m years. It has never evolved its basic structure which has allowed it to survive, but also consigned it mainly to the depths of the oceans, a life largely in the dark and completely at the mercy of the wind and the waves. It as been left behind by most of the other species on earth

The truly successful organisms evolve and adapt and progress. And I think if we want to continue to be successful in the world we have to do the same. That has always been my philosophy. From player to journalist to author to commentator to analyst. Now I want to evolve again and merge my analytical skills into the business world. I have learnt so much from playing, working with, interviewing and observing great sportsmen I have built up a good understanding of how they have got to where they are.

I believe a lot of these methods and philosophies are transferable in to the business world. So I have developed an illustrated corporate speech ‘Five things I wish I’d known’ which I’m aiming to deliver to the widest possible audience. I have also teamed up with some leadership training and high performance experts to create courses and workshops for people who want to get on in life and not be a jellyfish. Follow this link for more details…..